Branson Wagyu Cattle, LLC

All embryos from our cows are Top Quality Grade 1 created  by  the  renowned Dr Brad Stroud

and stored at Stroud ET in Weatherford, TX

​Call or email anytime for a current list of Embryos we have available.

Embryos are the fastest way to jump start your Wagyu herd.  Any of the top genetics below will be great beginnings or additions to you existing herd.  If you are unfamiliar with the Embryo transfer process please feel free to call us anytime as we would love to guide you through the details.  Below is a flow chart giving a simple over-view of the process.

We can also "grow out" the Embryo of your choice for you.  We have excellent recipients and we can handle the entire process of implanting, gestation, birthing and weaning for you.  Delivering to you a hand-raised Top Pedigreed calf.

All our calves are hand-raised with their own unique customized health and feeding program to make sure the calf reaches it's full potential as one of your Top Breeding Animals.

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