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As a meat producer, these 2 keywords are critical to your profitability.  Introducing Wagyu genetics into your herd will provide a lower birth weight which will result in reduced calving losses & expense.  While at the same time providing the genetics to produce a consistent Prime Carcass.  It's the best of both worlds!

Enjoy the Higher Profits that can be generated producing Prime Meat as opposed to the standard Select or even Choice.

Wagyu semen offers the genetics to produce the highest marbling available in todays beef market.

BZ Hirashigetayasu Kimi 024D

Reg No. # FB 23397

This great bull is the son of Hirashigetayasu (ETJ 001) J2351 who sired by Dai 20 Hirashige J287.  His maternal great-grandsire is the distinguished Tajiri-line Tayasudoi.  Hirashigetayasu (ETJ001) J2351’s Kedaka lineage shows strong propensity for growth and balance with a larger frame. An official Japanese progeny test showed that at least 80 percent of his steers would gain A5 grade, the highest given to carcasses in Japan, which far exceeds our American grading system.  His pedigree is also loaded with TF148, Takazakura, Michifuku & Fujiko.

Crossing this bull with Commercial cattle would bring exceptional marbling to you F1 crop.  When crossed with your Wagyu females he will add size, frame and marbling.

Breeding Soundness & Semen Evaluation Reports Available on Request

Listed here is some of what we have available at this time.  This list changes continuously, so please contact us if you don't see the particular Wagyu genetic line you are looking for.

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PV Cain

Reg No. FB18474

This fine bull is a son of the famous JVP Kikuyasu-400​ who was imported from Japan.  Kikuyasu is by far the largest Tajima sire ever exported from Japan weighing 1980 lbs with a large ribeye area.  Kikuyasu also sired Kinu T077, a cow which to date has produced progeny which have all graded BMS +9 (Prime or Prime Plus).  Also in Cain's pedigree is World K's Kitaguni Jr.  An Australian progeny tested 65% of his carcasses graded 9+ on the Australian scale (3 full grades above the highest grade of USDA Prime), and Hirashigetayasu J2351 whose official Japanese progeny tests showed that at least 80% of his steers would grade A5, which is the highest grade given to carcasses in Japan.  This bull has the pedigree to provide high carcass quality in your meat herd or establish your own Wagyu breeding herd!

                                  KIKUNORI DOI 9285 (FB19)
                           KIKUYASU DOI 575 (FB301)
                                  MURAYOSHI 74233 (FB304)

         Sire: JVP KIKUYASU-400 (FB2100)
                                  KIKUTERU DOI (FB512)
                           FUKUYOSHI 703223 (FB302)
                                  FUKUUCHIYOSHI 509700 (FB305)

                                  WORLD K'S KITAGUNI JR. (FB2422)
                           CHR KITAGUNI 07K (FB5140)
                                  CHR MS MICHIFUKU 030H (FB4240)
         Dam: CHR MS KITAGUNI 339 (FB9758)

                                  HIRASHIGETAYASU J2351 (FB670)
                           CHR MS HIRASHIGE 055J (FB4832)

                                  CHR KIKUHANAHIME (FB3311)

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Champion Genetics in Canton, Texas


​Stroud ET in Weatherford, Texas

           KEDAKA 7212 (FB334)
        DAI 20 HIRASHIGE 287 (FB330)
                    DAI 13 HIRASHIGE (FB668)
             TAYASUHUKU (FB667)
                YURIKO 795455 (FB340)

                 ITOSHIGENAMI (FB3682)
           TF 813 KIMITOFUKU (FB10687)
   TF 709 (FB7578)
Dam: HW KIMIKANA 35A (FB17467)
                                    CHR TAKAZAKURA 101L (FB5317)
TAKANA 143 (FB7349)
                UTSUKUSHII (FB4461)

$20 per straw

Purchaser to pay shipping from:

Champion Genetics in Canton, Texas


​Stroud ET in Weatherford, Texas

$35 per straw

Calving Ease       -         Prime Carcass


with Wagyu Semen


Breeding Soundness & Semen Evaluation Reports Available on Request