Branson Wagyu Cattle, LLC in Weatherford, Texas, began modestly in 2014 with one cow, Princess. Tom Branch, an international commercial airline pilot, and Tina Edwardson, a business entrepreneur, relocated from Idaho to Texas in 2011. Tina, a Montana native, became intrigued with the Wagyu breed. Drawing from her knowledge gained in the horse industry, she began to study the genetic side of the business. As she worked to learn the genetic differences as they related to the consistency of the animals produced and the resulting beef products, her passion for the Wagyu breed was born.


Wagyu has incredible meat, so naturally the ability to produce tender and flavorful beef is at the top of the priority list at Branson Wagyu. The goal of the program is to create genetics capable of producing the best beef possible while supplying customers top breeding stock possessing a variety of economically relevant traits including: high reproductive ability and fertility; appropriate mature size, increased longevity and docility while being free from genetic disorders. For animal welfare reasons, polled animals are highly important within the beef industry. As such, half of the Branson program is allocated to polled Wagyu. Since polled lines are not 100% Wagyu, the actual percentage of Wagyu in each animal can vary. For this reason Branson Wagyu tests all polled animals for accuracy via the Breed Seek test.


The Branson Wagyu business model focuses on producing fullblood and purebred breeding stock, embryos and semen. To that end, they strive to propagate and market the highest quality Wagyu genetics the industry has to offer. To accomplish this, meticulous records are kept on each animal including individual health protocols and reproduction schedules. Additionally, the firm maintains a BVD and Johnes free herd and facility. The end result is the ability to convey to buyers a complete and accurate history of every animal that leaves the farm.


Branson Wagyu works tirelessly to push the genetic envelope through aggressive artificial insemination and embryo transfer programs designed to further operational goals. Additionally, they consult other Wagyu producers regarding both genetics and management. Lastly, for individuals wishing to own Wagyu cattle, but lacking the necessary resources, Branson Wagyu manages cattle for like-minded owners. The end result is a program fully invested and totally immersed in the Wagyu beef business up and down the product chain.


We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have. Our Passion is Wagyu cattle, and we would enjoy the opportunity to visit with you.


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