Achieve USDA PRIME with Wagyu Semen

Calving Ease, Prime Carcass – as a meat producer, these two keywords are critical to your profitability. Introducing Wagyu genetics into your herd will provide a lower birth weight resulting in reduced calving losses and expenses, and at the same time providing the genetics to produce a consistent Prime Carcass. It’s the best of both worlds!


Enjoy the Higher Profits that can be generated producing Prime Meat, as opposed to the standard Select or even Choice.


Wagyu semen offers the genetics to produce the highest marbling available in todays beef market.


  • “ABLE” BZ Zurutani Ichi 095F (PB38278)                       $100/Straw                                          “NUCLEAR” Mayura Nuclear (FB52253)                         $150/Straw
  • “CAIN” PV Cain (FB18474)                                               $35/Straw                                            “P29” Sahara Park Itozurudoi P0029 ET (FB60620)       $200/Straw
  • “ELVIS” BZ 018D (FB23395)                                             $100/Straw                                         “PEDRO” BZ Mont Ni 158H (PB53564)                             $100/Straw
  • “IRONGATE” Irongate Itoshigenami M0293 (FB58941) $100/Straw                                          “PRECISION” Mayura Precision P1906 ET (FB60621)   $450/Straw
  • “JACK” CBWC Yasufuku Yama 001G (FB48843)              $35/Straw                                           “Q31” Sahara Park Terutani 40/1 Q31 (FB60463)           $150/Straw
  • M0549″ Macquarie Wagyu M0549 ET                             $350/Straw                                            Sanjinami Doi P0100 (FB53545)                                      $500/Straw
  • MIDNIGHT” Poll Wagyu Midnight M0775 (PB41655)     $575/Straw                                          “ZURU” Bar R Polled Zurutani D64 (PB25456)               $100/Straw
  •           “NARLY” BZ Narly 048E (FB28822)                                   $25/Straw